reminder that the Lupin III manga has fucking amazing artwork.

also that people still say the Fujiko anime is similar to it and they’re still very, very wrong.

Zenigata is definitely our favourite character in the Manga. Every story is so unpredictable, they’re very different from the show but well worth a read.

Monkey Punch has said he was heavily influenced by Mad Magazine early on, and these panels in particular really show it.

he says Mort Drucker is his favorite artist but their styles are actually really damn different. I know very little about Mad Magazine but I’d really like to know what his other influences were.

http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/2006/04/2-types-of-cartoonists-origin-of.html going by the terminology of this post I’d say Monkey Punch is more of a ‘radical cartoonist’ and Drucker is more of a ‘conservative cartoonist’ (I don’t mean the latter as a bad thing, see the post for more info).

MP’s editor actually encouraged him to go all the way with the wacky scribbly style and not care about detail.

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"What is this place?" —
"The town of Spectre. Best-kept secret in Alabama!"

Big Fish — dir. Tim Burton (2003)

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"Reflections are the primary physical means through which we perceive the world around us. You and I are able to see only as a result of the diffuse reflections produced by whatever person, place or object we observe. Light energy, from any source, is partly absorbed and reflected by whatever it strikes. Photography is an art form dependent upon the manipulation and capture of reflected and refracted light through the use of lenses, filters, prisms, and sensors.

“A Moment’s Reflection” is my ongoing study of specular, or mirror-like, reflections. My intention is to draw new connections between familiar forms by introducing specular reflections to environments where none would typically exist. The mirrors serve as a focal point within a given scene and also function as a window to provide an entirely unique perspective on the same location.” (Cody William Smith)


Dovrebbero dare dei porno “reali”. Un canale di porno reale, ma non i soliti video amatoriali. Parlo di vere e proprie situazioni reali, con tutti i pro e tutti i conto. REAL PORNO.

Porno in cui la disfunzione erettile è la protagonista assoluta. Porno in cui l’eiaculazione precoce è un must come…

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The first 3 pages of Belleville Story by Vincent Perriot

oh my lord

Solo una parola: meraviglia.

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François Schuiten


4/13/14 Pfieffer Beach (Big Sur, CA)


4/13/14 Pfieffer Beach (Big Sur, CA)

Heads or Tails" di Chris Ware sul New York Times di oggi.


For a Few Dollars More